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We offer an escort booking service only, facilitating the meeting of client and escort. All fees paid to the girls are for their time and companionship only, and are not in any way a guarantee of sexual activity. Anything that happens between an escort and her clients is a matter concerning the two consenting adults involved. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens during or after a booking with one of our Escort Amsterdam. Our agency acts as an introduction only.


High- Class Escort Amsterdam / VIP Best Escorts Services Hotel, intended for viewing by adults only. You must ensure that you are 21 or over in the Netherlands, or of legal age to view adult content in the country you are accessing our material. All the girls you see on our website are verifiably aged over 21 and have entered the Netherlands legally. We hold a tough stance against trafficking and refuse to represent any model if we suspect trafficking or control of prostitution is taking place. If we have any concerns, these are immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. As far as we are aware, after our extensive checks, all the girls you see on our website are offering escort services by choice and are happy to be represented by us, on this website and any other related marketing platforms we choose to use.

Escort Amsterdam Schiphol high class


We have been representing exclusive Escort Amsterdam for well over a decade. Our agency has long been the top choice for women from all over the world looking to find reliable, honest and trustworthy agencies in Amsterdam. We pride ourselves on being a leading service provider in the luxury Escort Amsterdam community. We are happy to bring together some of the most wealthy and discerning clients in the world, with some of the most intelligent and beautiful young women in Amsterdam. To find elite model Escort Amsterdam, you need to go to an elite agency, and our escort service is certainly that. You have checked the other agencies in Amsterdam, now it’s time to choose from the best in customer service and professional companionship. From Netherlands call girls to those from  Europe and beyond, we have you covered. There are usually over 100 genuine high class Escort Amsterdam available to you, 24 hours a day.

The best young Escort Amsterdam can offer are usually always listed with us. As well as the older ones of course. These high class girls in our escorts gallery list with us because they know they’ll get the bookings and they know they will be treated fairly and with respect. These young escorts have incredible talent and deserve no less. They are far more than just good looks and talent however, they are highly intelligent and perfect for any type of booking. Our high class exclusive ladies are chosen for their welcoming nature and charismatic personalities. They are truly the type of girls you’d like to take home if you could. The Escort Amsterdam High-Class has become so famous for! And we don’t just have European Escort Amsterdam either, these girls come from literally all over the world to spend time with you. They offer the ultimate girlfriend experience.

Unless otherwise indicated, you will find that all the girls we represent offer outcall escort bookings. That’s a lot of locations when you consider we often have over 100 real stunners available at any time. We won’t go into too much detail about the criteria our high class escorts must have to be listed, we’ve said it all above. Besides, most of you can see how beautiful their pictures are.

 If you are in any doubt whether or not there is a girl near your location, or you just want to chat about your booking, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are always happy to help you decide, and we always know who is available. Trust a professional escort agency with your booking. Now go and choose a party girl to have some fun with. Our escorts model some very sexy outfits, so you’re going to have a lot of fun just browsing.

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This is what makes our elite high class Escort Amsterdam the best in the business. The way an escort conducts herself during an outcall booking speaks volumes about the type of courtesan she is. All our Amsterdam escorts are always immaculately dressed and presented, no matter where they are going. Having said that, you will never find these outcall escorts drawing unwanted attention to themselves when they come to your hotel for a booking. They will obviously be noticed, mainly because they are so naturally beautiful, but they will never “overdo it”. If they need to bring an extra special outfit with them that you have requested, they will simply bring it in a tasteful and discreet bag.

Exclusive model recommended Escort Amsterdam.

We have long been an exclusive elite agency. Meaning of course that we’ve represented girls that have listed with us exclusively and no-one else. This is usually because most of the other escort agencies do not want to represent girls who have very high fees. These days at High-Class Escort Amsterdam, we still offer high end exclusive escorts, but we also offer a much wider range of girls. We like to cater to all tastes and budgets. You can navigate to the price ranges you’d like to view quite easily by clicking the gallery and then choosing to view the high class escorts from low – high in price. We have the best girls Escort Amsterdam has to offer.

 We only used to get applications from girls that wanted to charge a lot of money for their services. We are guessing that this put off a lot of other girls that perhaps wanted to join but felt like they couldn’t. Now we have opened our website to cheaper courtesans, as well as expensive escorts. And we are pleased to report that it has not affected our service, or our clientele at all. If you still like your high class companions above 220E, then we still have all your favorites. But if you would rather spread that money out over a few bookings, we have cheap girls for you too. Sometimes there is no telling just how much fun you are going to have with a beautiful girl until you are there experiencing it.

It’s at this point that it becomes necessary for us to tell you that we do not judge an escort as high class or low-class dependent on her price tag. This simply wouldn’t do. Here at Escort Amsterdam High-Class, we are much more about what the girl wants to do, how much she wants to charge and how much she wants to work. It’s entirely subjective when judging how beautiful one of these Amsterdam companions (they all have that girls Escort Amsterdam look). Or how much money you or anyone else might think she is worth. And it’s unhelpful at best to judge the expensive girls as better than the girls we represent for 220E!

You simply can’t put a price on happiness, what you’re attracted to, or indeed service quality. We hope that you will spend a long time with our agency and uncover the secret depths of many of our escorts over time. To get the best Escort Amsterdam experience, leave it in our hands to sort it out for you. We have many clients who have already managed to find one or two girls that they like seeing on a regular basis. Some of you have even developed quite a little collection of girls who you like to see. This makes us very happy, not just from an agency point of view, but because we know how happy we have made our clients and the girls who they book. We can honestly say that virtually all the client and escort matches that have been discovered at Escort Amsterdam High-Class, have been perfect. Mutually satisfying and beneficial for both client and companion. This can only be a good thing. This is mostly due to the girls who we agree to represent (only the very best), and of course the high end gentlemen who only ever insist on the very best in Amsterdam.

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This varies considerably to be honest, but they all share one or two things in common. They are of course all incredibly beautiful. Make no mistake about it. They can be all ages, all shapes and sizes, and from all over the world, but they are all widely considered as unbelievably capable professionals. There is an old phrase we like to refer to when we are asked this question. “It takes all sorts”. And it really does. Our Escort Amsterdam come to us from all ages and backgrounds, and from all over the world. There are never two girls that are alike. They may be tall and slim, or they may be very busty and curvy, but they are never the same. One thing they do share is that because they have been granted a place at our agency, they have proven themselves to be incredibly talented. 

 We have part time escorts that have other careers too. These are usually the women you see in the pictures that are concealing their faces. It’s either because they have friends and family who they would rather keep their escorting from, or they have another career that they do not wish to geo paradise with this information. Sadly, not everyone is as liberated as escorts and escort hobbyists. When you book one of our confident and highly intelligent ladies, you could well be dating a lawyer or CEO based here in Amsterdam. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility. You may be paying a premium price for this privilege too, s